About me

Hello and Welcome to all of my beautiful friends and new visitors out there. Myself Arun Gupta from Faridabad, Haryana, India. I am a Web Designer cum Developer and i am using this blog as my portfolio. I am a student of B.Tech. (IT) and i design and develop websites as a freelancer.
With the help of this blog, I would like to share with you my own created Website and Graphic designs, various programs of the programming languages related to Web D
esigning and Development like HTML, JavaScript, CSS styles, PHP etc. Hope you will like this all.
My hobbies are Exploring the Internet, Collecting Information about the latest Technologies, Dreaming and do efforts to make that dream real. I have a passionate interest in Internet and Technologies and i want to make my career in this field. I want to develop Websites and Applications related to Internet which bear a unique blend and identity in themselves. And yes, with great designs always. To make this wish alive, i am also learning Java Technology which i think is a great source to achieve the above mentioned goals because when it comes about development of online applications, the only factor comes in mind is Security and Java is the Technology which makes us feel Secure enough. 
I am presently in the final year of my course and i wish to start my career with a reputed MNC and i am trying to do every possible effort in order to do so.
Well, that's all about me and yes one most important thing to tell... My Biggest Dream is to get into Google and work for them!